Climbing is for Girls

Did you know that girls that participate in sports and receive an adequate amount of physical activity throughout adolescence and young adulthood are 20% less likely to develop break cancer? Did you know that female athletes in high school develop a more positive body image than non-athletes? These are just a couple of the statistics that are gathered about girls and women and their participation in sport.

Now I know that many think school sports are the way to go, but one of the factors that lead to girls dropping out of sports is that the resources for items like uniforms, practice facilities, and other related costs are fewer compared to their male counterparts. That's where climbing comes into the fold.

Although high level climbing requires an even higher level of resources, there are plenty of beginner and intermediate opportunities for young girls to participate in climbing. USA Climbing is a great place to start, and has a great resource to begin climbing and help finding a gym. Individuals find that climbing resources for both girls and boys remains on par, and consequently, the quality of experience for both males and females remains equal as they progress. Check out this video of a young climber in Colorado:

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